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Double Dragon IV Coming to PlayStation 4 and Windows Computers

Double Dragon IV Playstation 4 and Steam

Double Dragon is one of those iconic brawlers that is symbolic with retrogaming. Go ahead, show some screen shots to some friends and see how long it takes them to tell you it is Double Dragon. The series is just ionic from start to finish. This series was also thought to be dead for years. Sure, we got Double Dragon Neon and a re-release of the first three games in Double Dragon Trilogy, but not a wholly new game in the old style. While I don’t like pixel art for the sake of pixel art, in Double Dragon IV, it works quite well and ties into the original games. Some series just don’t work with modern graphics.

In the teaser trailer, we see a few more additions to the basics of Double Dragon: spinning gears that surely cause a major headache and spikes from the floors that could be annoying while fighting, to name a couple. Two player simultaneous play is back, and the moves look great so far.

Graphically, Double Dragon IV is looking awesome. It is like the game was just released for the next step up in power platform. Slightly better but not so much that it is implausible like it was with Double Dragon Neon. No, Double Dragon IV looks to be continuing the tradition of pixel based brawling.

The story seems to be picking up from the finale of Double Dragon II. This puts the fourth game happening before the third game (The Sacred/Rosetta Stone) which occurred a full year after the events played out in the second game (The Revenge). The jumping spin kick is back, basic punches look right, and the enemies are already more varied than I remember in the original games. Looking good so far.

Double Dragon IV is coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam for Windows on January 30, 2017.

Carl Williams

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4 Responses to “Double Dragon IV Coming to PlayStation 4 and Windows Computers”

  1. Edward The Less says:

    I will wait to get this after all the DLCs are out and it’s on steam summer sale in the year 2020.

    I’m guessing the first DLC will add Bruce Lee and will be called Triple Dragon.

  2. John WILLAFORD says:

    Hey Carl!
    SO, I’m going to be playing a just announced game before I play River City Ransom: Underground?

    • Apparently so. Double Dragon IV was obviously announced late in development versus early in development. I don’t mind only waiting a month or so to play a game like this though.

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