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New Sega Master System Game Called Monkey Lad Continues Development

Monkey Lad Sega Master System

The Sega Master System, a console that got precious little attention from Sega, at least in North America. I know, in Europe the SMS was very much well supported–too bad that was not the case in the United States. Anyhow, fans are still showing some love for the little Z80 CPU powered console. Monkey Lad is one such title that is being developed by homebrew independent developers. Action platform fans will love what they see since the last time we looked at this one. Tons of improvements.

For those that did not read our 5 New Sega Master System Games article from July of this year, Monkey Lad is a 2D side scrolling action platform title. You take control of a personified monkey that is just trying to collect fruit that is scattered about the levels.

So far, Monkey Lad is showing to be quite impressive, graphically. Definitely on par with most of the commercial software we saw released, at least again here in the United States. Little touches like having your character move behind bushes, slide to a stop when changing direction, and the normal enemies he faces are charming little things. That is what separates a decent game from a great game though–the little things. If only Monkey Lad had a falling animation after he jumps, like Mario‚Äôs hat shifting even one pixel as he fell, it would add another level of depth to the animations.

In this update, we see more fleshed out levels. Fruits are now collectible, extra lives are in the same places as before, and there are more enemies to avoid. While not featured in the video above, there are now jumping fish to avoid when near water areas.

The developer has released a demo for Monkey Lad, available on so grab that if you are in the mood for a new platformer. Thank you to for the heads up on this new update.

Carl Williams

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