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Fan Translation – Fire Emblem for Playstation, er, Tear Ring Saga Released

Tear Ring Saga Playstation

The Fire Emblem series has been a surprise hit for Nintendo after they brought it over to North America (I believe starting on the Game Boy Advance). Unfortunately for North American fans, this series was very much older than we were originally led to believe. This series actually went back to the Nintendo Famicom (the original name for the Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan). Since the game series was so old, it was only a matter of time before someone key to its development left Nintendo and went to work elsewhere, taking with them a strong feel for the previous series. That is exactly what happened with Tear Ring Saga for the Sony PlayStation. This is as close as PlayStation gamers will get to Fire Emblem on their console. The cool thing is, fans have just released an English translation patch for it.

Shouzou Kaga, the creator of the Fire Emblem series left Nintendo and started a company called Tirnanog. His first game to develop under his new label was so close to Fire Emblem that it actually got Nintendo to light a fire under the collective butts of their lawyers–not hard to do these days. After a bit of back and forth in the Japanese courts, Nintendo apparently won a sum of money, but was not successful in blocking Tear Ring Saga from being released. Kaga got the last laugh as his game went on to sell a purported 340,000 copies in the first three months. Not bad for a new company.

Kaga worked on Fire Emblem games from the early 1990s right up to the end of the decade. He knows how to make a good turn based strategy role playing game. Thanks to fans, English speaking/reading gamers can finally enjoy this little tidbit of awesomeness from across the pond.

Please note, this new translation is improved upon the one featured in the video above.

Head over to to grab the patch file. You know the drill, the game is not public domain, so we cannot link directly to it. However, you can purchase a copy from eBay and patch that.

Edit: The link now points to the correct version of the patch file.

Carl Williams

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