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Retro Bit Generations Hacked, Here is How

The Retro Bit Generations is a new Plug and Play console featuring around 100 classic games. The titles included run the gamut of arcade classics to modern releases–all officially licensed and legally included. One thing that fans of the Plug and Play have become upset over is not being able to load their own game collections onto it. That little feat was impossible, until now. Instructions after the jump.

The Retro Bit Generations was a popular console within the retro gaming community. A lot of us figured since they were licensing games that it would be a closed source system. I just could not see companies like Data East and Capcom working with basically an open emulation box.

We were contacted earlier today by an anonymous person claiming to have worked at Actions Company, a semiconductor and more developer. This person claims to have been behind hacks for various Actions Company and Dingoo product. I know, not a lot to go on but well, sometimes we have to run with our gut on these things. This is a “hail Mary” article of the year so here goes with the instructions to make this work. If you use these instructions and it works, please let us know in the comments below.

First, on your SD card, delete everything. Use the best possible formatting option (will be slow).

Second, copy this Key.bin file to the root directory of your SD card. Make a folder for ROMS–this is where you will put your legally obtained games and/or your public domain games. Just remember, we here at Retro Gaming Magazine do not condone theft, stealing or lying or anything of the sort.

Third, insert your SD card into your Retro Bit Generations console and turn it on. It is important that your console be off when you insert the SD card.

Fourth, on the main game selection screen press the “B” and choose the SD card option. Now you can select the game you wish to play off of your SD card.

That is it ladies and gentlemen. No fancy having to hack the console, no having to solder the battery connectors to make a “Pandora Battery”.

If you try this and it works, let us know in the comments below.

Edit – Download the Key.bin file here. The file is now hosted on Google Drive. I apologize for the trouble in acquiring the file from the other file service.

Carl Williams

It is time gaming journalism takes its rightful place as proper sources and not fanboys giving free advertising. If you wish to support writers like Carl please use the links below.

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44 Responses to “Retro Bit Generations Hacked, Here is How”

  1. David says:

    Is this legit? I tried to download the key.bin and got so much spam and popups on that site and it never let me download. Any other location I can get that file from. Thanks

  2. David says:

    My bad. I didn’t realize the file was being sent to my email account. Thanks

  3. TheMonopolyGuy says:

    Confirmed working. Tested some SNES stuff. Games don’t run at full speed though, much like the games already loaded on it.

  4. Mario says:

    Confirmed working. I tried out a NES and a SNES unzipped game and they worked. Just a couple of details that I found out:
    1. You must format the SD card in your computer using ExFAT. The format SD Card option in the console won´t work, or at least not for me. FAT and FAT 32 won’t work.
    2. Tonight I will try Genesis, Gameboy and Arcade games to see if they work.
    3. Also I will try out my own versions of some games included in the console to see if there is any audio/video differences.

  5. Mario says:

    Just tried a few CPS1, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advancex zipped roms and they worked. Still no luck with Genesis, Gameboy and NeoGeo roms.

  6. joseph says:

    Does not work for me. Keeps saying no files. Snes games

  7. Greybush38 says:

    Download this KEY file and placing it on the systems SD will open this device to a whole world of emulation. Using the available files on the Generations device, I was able to determine that it’s possible to run the following:
    1. NES
    2. SNES
    3. GB & GBA
    4. Genesis
    5. Mame (Some roms do not work, maybe a rom version issue)

    I have tested a few of the titles, they seem to work without any issues, some have screen size problems,”GBC.” I’m sure with some play time anyone can figure out what works and what does not.


  8. jojooi812 says:

    Sengoku, ghost pilots, art of fightining neo geo works strider cps 1 so far

  9. ikilledscott says:

    @Mario…. Genesis in .bin format works!

    Hey jojooi812 what format did your cps1 play?

    My other question is, Will the generations work with a wired PS3 controller? I plugged the RetroBit pad into my pc and it showed up as a PS3 controller. I don’t have a PS3 but if one of you nice folks have one could you test iut and get back to me? I may go out and buy some it it works. Thanks.

  10. Jojooi812 says:

    Don’t know the version but these also work so far , have not tried any other controllers.

    Street fighter alpha, aliens vs predetor, fatal fury, final fight, forgotten worlds, ninja combat, ninja commando, super street fighter 2 work so far

  11. Jeff Baldwin says:

    Let’s talk Retro-bit Generations… This was the worst console I’ve ever paid full price for. With this hack it’s a bit better. Still tons of controller lag.

  12. ikilledscott says:

    Just tried these out… CPS2 and GB Color games work too! After an hour of converting gbc roms into gba roms. I should have just tried gbc format first, lol.

  13. Christo4850 says:

    Just a note about formatting the SD card. I finally had some luck after formatting a 4GB SD card with FAT format. Only then did the retrobit recognize the SD card. Also, I’m currently having trouble with it recognizing the SNES games, but I suspect the built-in emulator is looking for the .zip files instead of the uncompressed format. Overall, this is a pretty good little unit for what it does and can do.

    • ikilledscott says:

      @Christo4850, SNES games need to be in “.smc” format in order to work.

      In fact here’s what worked for me so far….

      *GAMEBOY ———— .GB
      *GAMEBOY ADVANCE —- .GBA (gba video works well too!)
      *NES —————- .NES
      *SNES ————— .SMC (mode7 & FX chip games do not work)
      *GENESIS ———— .BIN
      *CPS1 & CPS2 ——– .ZIP

      I’m using a 32gb SD card formatted in fat format by the way and have roms in individual folders arranged by rom type with sub-folders and the RBGenerations has no problems reading this.

      • Christo4850 says:

        It worked thanks!

        • ikilledscott says:

          You are very welcome. When I get some more free time from work I will experiment with NEOGEO and MAME roms and let you know all know what’s up with them as well. Maybe even make a list of exactly which games from which console actually work. Perhaps others will help compile this list as well…. btw, all the NESmini game work fantastic on this machine and have their own seperate folder. I’m so very glad I couldn’t find a Nintendo anywhere this holiday season. Retro-bit and Retro Gaming Magazine saved me a few bucks with this very article! Plus, all the fun I’m having testing out what works and doesn’t.

  14. Jojooi812 says:

    Anyone else try neo geo

    Any luck with big cps 2 files like marvel games?

  15. spikespad says:

    Artwork will work if it is the same name as the rom .jpg

  16. Jojooi812 says:

    Any other updates?

  17. EarlDogg says:

    I’ve found this hack to have saved this system for me. So far I’ve been able to get CPS1 (found a file with every ROM online they all worked) games a few CPS2 games, all NES, SNES, Genesis (.smd) GBC, GBA, and GB games I’ve tried to work. Only one Neo Geo game worked for me so far Ghost Pilot. No luck with MAME or anything else. I figure the system can emulate only the systems it was created to emulate. Which is wierd because you would think Neo Geo wouldn’t work. Overall I’m happy with the emulation but the Genesis one is kinda bad. The music being off is whatever to me but the games play to fast. Is it the format im using (.smd)? I notice others use (.bin)

  18. Jojooi812 says:

    Advice on what cps 1 set to use ?

  19. Jojooi812 says:

    Thanks. Will take a look see, would love a full neo list.

  20. EarlDogg says:

    I’ve noticed that as long as the ROM is below 9.99 Mb and I don’t unzip it I have had a lot of luck getting CPS2 games and NEO GeO games to work.

  21. RIO says:

    what is the required program for the keybin? because its not working for me keeps opening with adobe illustrator.

  22. Andrew says:

    What file format do I have to use for NES ROMs? I’ve tried many different file formats for the same game, but every time I tried playing the ROM, the system said, “Invalid File Format”. What do I do?

  23. EarlDogg says:

    Any updates

  24. manhattan says:

    i got wind jammerz and street hoops to work

  25. Lee says:

    Please help, can’t get any neo geo games to work, what am I doing wrong?

    • EarlDogg says:

      I got the older games to work no problem. They are the arcade versions I dont know if console NEO GEO games are different

  26. Goldmember says:

    Hello all, my Retrobit generations console refuses to recognize the sd card. It says card init failed. I’ve tried the fat and ex fat format options. Apparently I’m still doing something wrong. Any ideas?

  27. EarlDogg says:

    Game systems I’ve been able to get games that work. CPS 1 & 2, Neo Geo (arcade), NES, SNES, GB, GBA, GBC, and Genesis. CPS and NG games over 10mb don’t work for whatever reason. Also with NG make sure it’s the arcade/mame version. I downloaded a pack with baseball stars 2 and it didn’t work but downloaded the rom separate and that worked. I enjoy using this as a intro to emulation / cheap alternative but I’ve been looking into getting a Raspberry Pi or Modded original XBox soon.

  28. jimbo says:

    It doesn’t work for me. It keeps telling me that the file type is not supported or that it is invalid. I have tried for NES, SNES, Gameboy and GBA, and Genesis. Any advice?

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