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SpiritSphere Mixes Zelda with Air Hockey


Independent game developers seem to be the last bastion of originality and chance taking. Take SpiritSphere, for instance. This game mixes Legend of Zelda style graphics and characters with air hockey gameplay. Yeah, you won’t be seeing Nintendo trying this with Legend of Zelda anytime soon. Judging by the video below, SpiritSphere is rather interesting.

SpiritSphere has spent just under five months in the Steam Early Access program. As we come closer to the full release, Eendhoom Games have just released a new, large update that adds more content.

This update includes:
Two new characters
Three new stages
Four player mode has been added
Squash mode (completely changes how the game is played)
New items to use in both defensive and offensive manners
New achievements are now available

Now, take a look at that video there. Notice the heavy Legend of Zelda influence going on there? Eendhoom Games have definitely picked an iconic game to pull inspiration from. Little characters in the levels appear to be cheering on the match while your opponent is clearly out for blood.

SpiritSphere has taken the basics of air hockey and added in characters and interesting mechanics. These changes take a tired old game that is hard to translate to gaming and made it into something that is quite interesting. One level in particular, the lava level, has plumes of lava that change the scoring location throughout the match. Little touches like that make SpiritSphere quite interesting to me. Then you have differently shaped arenas to fight in, each with their own unique attributes and things just get more interesting.

We will be following SpritSphere as it gets closer to release–we need more original games like this. Zelda fans will feel right at home here.

SpiritSphere by Eendhoom Games
Genre: Air Hockey, fantasy
Platform: Steam
Available now on Steam

Carl Williams

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