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Unholy Night New Super Nintendo Fighting Game by Former SNK Developer

Unholy Night SNES Fighting Game

What would you do for a new, original, fighting game on the Super Nintendo? What if I complicated matters by adding that a former SNK developer is behind this new fighting game? That is exactly what is happening with Unholy Night. The interesting thing about this is not just that it is a new Super Nintendo fighting game but when it is going to go on sale.

Shown off at the RETRO.HK – Hong Kong Vintage Game Expo 2016, Unholy Night is planned to be released in February 2017. Not too long of a wait: it is right around the corner, right?

It is interesting that Unholy Night is making its debut at the RETRO.HK – Hong Kong Vintage Game Expo. Interesting, because this is the second year of the annual show, and in their first show last year, the Sony Super Nintendo CD-ROM combo unit, owned by Terry and Dan Diebold, made its debut.

The developers behind Unholy Night worked at SNK together. This team was partially responsible for some iconic SNK fighters such as King of Fighters 98, 2001 and 2002. Reports say we will see Unholy Night released on a 32 MB cartridge.

SNES - Unholy Night

Today, 32 MB is not much, but remember, 8 MB games on the Super Nintendo were considered big, then in its latter years, 16 MB was popular. Very few games were 24 MB or more on the Super Nintendo. This being an independent release makes it rather interesting that they will be going directly to 32 MB for it.

Unholy Night currently (as shown at the show) features six playable characters. Two of the female characters are Emily and Nightmare; two of the males are Cronos and Blaze; the other two are unknown at this time.

This is great news for Super Nintendo fans that love fighting games. I am personally interested in seeing how Unholy Night fares against the last Super Nintendo fighting game I know of: Street Fighter Alpha 2. That game was less than stellar on the Super Nintendo.


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