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Namco Launches One Two Punch with Tekken in Arcades – Today in Retro Gaming – December 11th, 1994

Tekken Arcade

Heihachi Mishima, leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu conglomerate, has announced his first fighting tournament. This is no normal fighting tournament, though. The King of Iron Fist Tournament will give the winner $1 billion in cash. This tournament is special because Heihachi does not know that there is one special contestant that is looking for revenge–personal revenge.

Kazuya, the estranged son of Heihachi, has entered the tournament looking for the sweet revenge he has longed for since being five years old. Heihachi dropped Kazuya off a cliff at five years old as a test of strength. To prove his worthiness, Kazuya had to climb back up the cliff to the same level as his father. Kazuya did accomplish this task but he was damaged in ways he could not fathom. The scar from that fall is something Kazuya wears with honor and as a reminder. Now he is here in the King of Iron Fist Tournament to wreak revenge on his father. Kazuya is not alone in his seeking vengeance as he also has a person from his past in the tournament seeking retribution.

That sets Tekken off and boy does it beat the hell out of the story for Street Fighter II, at least in my opinion. Tekken has some ties to Virtua Fighter by Sega also: Seiichi Ishii was the designer of Sega’s iconic fighting game. That may explain why Tekken was so well laid out and fun to play. While Virtua Fighter was a little on the slow side, Tekken was faster and more intuitive with characters that were more interesting and moves that were painful looking.

Tekken has seen release on the original PlayStation console, in Tekken 5 and in the NamCollection. Check out those options if you are wanting to see where it started.

Carl Williams

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