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Konami Kills Fan Castlevania Unreal Based Remaster

Castlevania Unreal Engine remake

It is not all that often that we write something negative about Konami. I prefer to make jabs at them for ignoring fans and letting tons of great intellectual properties just sit and rot. Well, this article is different: almost in between poking the sleeping giant and pointing out a ray of hope for fans. This is going to be confusing to say the least. For now, the fan remaster of Castlevania using the Unreal engine is dead thanks to a cease and desist from Konami. That is not where the story ends though. There is a faint light at the end of this tunnel.

We wrote up the fan based remaster of Castlevania using the Unreal engine back in October. At the time it seemed like the amazing remake was going full steam ahead and was . . . well . . . making Konami look boring, with regards to the official releases in the Castlevania line. This may be what spurred Konami into action against the fan remake. Can’t have fans showing up the intellectual property owner now, can we?

Originally released about 30 years ago, Castlevania has been a staple on every console where it has appeared. This game singlehandedly helped make Konami a household name (I really liked Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest on the Nintendo Entertainment System).

What is unique about this C&D is that Konami is letting Dejawolf keep the files up–for now, that is. They are not requiring the files to be removed, like Nintendo has done in their C&D requests. Just work has to cease immediately. Not too hard to abide by.

What is the glimmer of hope in this story? Well, a member of Konami UK is working on helping Dejawolf to get an official license to use the Castlevania properties. How cool would it be to see Konami open the doors to fans, that can afford it, to license classic IPs? Could we see a fan remake of Bonk’s Adventure? Could Adventure Island be far behind if that was to happen?

I know from personal experience that Konami is open to licensing their IPs out, but they will do no work other than verification of quality and such in relation. This could become an officially licensed game.

Source: Dejawolf’s website

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “Konami Kills Fan Castlevania Unreal Based Remaster”

  1. Rob says:

    I really hate when companies do this. I understand trying to protect your IP, but fans are paying homage to these games that we love so much, and it’s not easy, it’s a ton of hard work. I would have loved to have seen this fleshed out and finished.

  2. Smoke Fumus says:

    My god, that sound design ruins everything.

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