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IndieGoGo – RetroEngine Sigma Mini Console and Media Player

retroengine sigma

Remember the success of the Ouya? It was a Kickstarter success story that people like me are still bringing up. It was that big of a deal. At least the Kickstarter side of things was a big deal, after launch not so much. RetroEngine Sigma is looking to do something similar but not as ambitious as the Ouya did. Think more classic focused with a smattering of video consumption on the side and you have a good idea of what the RetroEngine Sigma is about.

First of all, the RetroEngine Sigma is nothing more than an emulation machine with Kodi installed. Both of these are often mistaken as illegal options–they are not themselves illegal, though what you do with them may be, so keep that in mind. The Kickstarter is already funded by a few times over and this campaign still has a good month to go. I am not here to sway anyone to not invest in this if this is what you are wanting for your media center (I admit the case is very nostalgic and cool to me).

The RetroEngine Sigma is allegedly capable of playing everything from the Atari 2600 to the Sega Genesis, 32X and Sony PlayStation (the first one, the PSOne). You will have to supply the games that you wish to play on these emulators, and surely the BIOS files of some like the PSOne as well. While there are legally free ROMs available, there are no legally available BIOS files, so to do it legally, you will have to go through quite the process.

RetroEngine Sigma on Indiegogo from Doyodo on Vimeo.

The RetroEngine Sigma is housed in a case that greatly resembles the Sega Genesis. I so wish there was options to get cases in the style of the Super Nintendo, PlayStation One console, or the Neo Geo. Those are iconic systems too. Oh well, can’t have everything. Each unit is equipped with HDMI out, two USB ports, and a Micro USB port for adding more USB ports. You can go wireless with a USB Bluetooth dongle too.

They have not stopped there. If you so desire you can run the RetroEngine Sigma as a full blown desktop. And while the device will apparently feature a quad core CPU, that does not mean it is going to be a satisfying experience as a computer, so be warned if that is your main buying point.

I almost forgot to mention this bad boy supports 4K video.

Source: IndieGoGo

If you are just wanting an emulation device for your TV then check out these options on Ebay.

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