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Bandit Gaming – Super Mario Bros Being Ported to Amstrad CPC 464

Super Mario Bros Amstrad CPC 464

Nintendo has been on a roll with the legal action against fans for using their properties this year. We have seen them take down more than a couple of fan projects running the gamut of Pokemon to Metroid. While there is no indication that Nintendo will take action against the developer of this Super Mario Bros port to the Amstrad CPC464, it is more than likely. At the moment this port is a work in progress but shows tons of progress already.

Featured in the Youtube video below we can see part of the first level of Super Mario Bros. There are no enemies featured, coin blocks are not working, and the scrolling leaves a lot to be desired. I am no Amstrad CPC464 technician so the way Super Mario Bros is scrolling in this demo is probably the best we can hope for with this port.

It is interesting that Nintendo has not ported Super Mario Bros or any of the sequels to computers. In the late 1980s, I believe they licensed Mario out to Hudson in Japan for a rather horrendous attempt on the PC-88 or something–that game was quite bad. Already this port to the Amstrad CPC464 shows tons of promise for a quality Super Mario Bros game.

The odds of Nintendo shutting this down are pretty high. Over on, there are over 10 pages of discussion on this port of Super Mario Bros for the Amstrad CPC464. That is a lot of interest in this fan port that has been in development for over a year–there was a significant hiatus.

According to IndieRetroNews, this port was announced sometime last year and is now continuing development as we close down 2016. I, for one, am interested in seeing how close this Super Mario Bros port can get to the original using the limited hardware of the Amstrad CPC464.

Carl Williams

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