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8Bit Music Power Book & CD Translated to English

Back in February 2016, 8Bit Music Power was released in Japan on the Nintendo Famicom (known as the Nintendo Entertainment System in the West). This was an original album of chiptunes on Nintendo’s 8-bit games console, housed in authentic plastic shell and cardboard packaging. And with a limited release of 1,000 copies, not many people will not have had the chance to listen to this album. Those lucky enough to grab a copy were treated to a professionally designed music package, which not only featured the 8-bit chiptunes themselves, but also mini games, artwork, and more. Those not lucky enough to grab a copy can rejoice in the fact that the album is being released on CD that comes with the 8Bit Music Power book, all translated in English.

While advertised as a music book, The 8Bit Music Power book is more of a bookazine–a cross between a magazine and a book–and is full of articles, interviews, and artwork on the album and more. The CD includes the original 11 track album, including the hidden track, found on the Famicom cartridge as well as two extra bonus tracks. With the chiptunes having been written by both retrogaming enthusiasts and big names from the Famicom’s golden age, it is no wonder that the album is a joy to listen to. In fact, the quality of the album is so good, it could easily be mistaken for a 16-bit album.

Preview video of 8Bit Music Power on the Famicom from RIKI8BIT (the album’s producer)

The 8Bit Music Power book & CD is available to pre-order at Play Asia now, coming with a price of US$23.99 (GBP19.77) and an expected release date of February 2017.

Source: [@playasia]

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