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What If – Skyrim Was 90s Arcade Fighting Game

We don’t do these “What if . . .” articles all that often. Maybe we should, but that depends on the response our great readers give them. Want more, share and like and let us know. Anyhow, with that out of the way I want to discuss this little game called Skyrim. Why am I covering it here on Retro Gaming Magazine instead of our sister site, Gravis Ludus? This was tougher than I thought it would be. On one hand this is a modern title but on the other the question posed is definitely retro focused. What if Skyrim was a 90s arcade style fighting game? Check the pic out after the jump and find out.

This was originally posted over on Reddit and the comments are definitely gold. Some members are bringing up how bonus stages might have worked–think Capcom fighting games according to the references.

TheSteelWolf brings up that one bonus round would have been destroying a wagon. Then granular_quality references the car bonus round often seen in Capcom fighting games: Street Fighter II and Final Fight. Check out the rest of the comments for a good chuckle and see if you can figure out what game they are pulling from.

As you can see in the pic on Reddit we have Dovahkiin taking on Bandit Chief and it is appearing to be a slobber knocker in the making. Sadly, this is just a mockup picture and not a real thing–hint, hint modding community.

Seriously, this is what I thought Iron & Blood on PlayStation was going to be like–at least hoped it would look like. This Skyrim mockup just shows that we really need to revisit fantasy based fighting games. Who else is with me on that?

Know of any other games that were not fighting games that received this type of treatment? Let us know in the comments below.


Carl Williams

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