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Five Classic Franchises Reimagined Using Unreal Engine 4

While we have covered remakes of games using the Unreal Engine before, it is still a popular series. This time we have five classic franchises re-imagined using Unreal Engine 4. Retrogaming fans will have a good idea of what franchises we are talking about before clicking for the jump. Everyone else, you know the drill.

First up; Super Mario Sunshine by Youtube user CryENx. This is not a full on game–hardly any of these recreations are–so don’t expect to run through the full game here. What is available is a large open area that will let you play with the unique mechanics of Super Mario Sunshine. Also, there is a lot to check out and explore, so just go have fun.

Next we have The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, again by CryZENx. Much like the Super Mario Sunshine video above, this Ocarina of Time video shows off a few good effects in a contained world. Graphically, it is quite impressive and makes me wonder what Nintendo could do with official tools and rights.

Super Mario Kart continues the Nintendo domination in this list. This is one of those videos that make you go “oh, man, that is cool” but know it is not going to be released. Featured is one track and a bit of the design work from behind the scenes. Definitely high on my “want to see more of” list.

One company that could definitely use some help is Sega. Sonic the Hedgehog Kite Demo is just making me wish Sega would license the Unreal Engine and make this game happen. In the video we see Sonic run around the generic Unreal Engine world with impressive blurring and speed. Just think what Sega could do with this engine powering the next Sonic game. Imagine.

Okay, maybe Luigi’s Mansion is not exactly a classic franchise. Maybe more of a spin-off of the Super Mario games. Still, this game had a lasting impression on those that gave it a chance on the Nintendo Gamecube. There was just something about controlling Luigi in his own adventure and it was not just a clone of what we experienced with Mario. The Unreal Engine fan port by CryZENx certainly has the creepy factor cranked up.

Got a cool Unreal Engine, or otherwise, based fan re-imagining that others need to know about? Let us know in the comments below.

Carl Williams

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