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Bandit Gaming – Risky Rick Brings Rick Dangerous to Colecovision Console

Rick Dangerous never made it to the Colecovision console. Developed by Core Design and released in 1989, years after the Colecovision ended production, Rick Dangerous was a gamer’s dream of an Indiana Jones game. Even if unofficially, of course. Now homebrew independent coders are working on bringing Rick Dangerous to the Coleco hardware under the name of Risky Rick.

Both Risky Rick and Rick Dangerous are 2D side scrolling action platform titles. The gameplay of the two games are similar, but is to be expected as Risky Rick is a homage to the Core Design classic title.

Currently, Risky Rick carries the subtitle ‘In Dangerous Traps‘. The gameplay video that was made available on Youtube recently certainly holds that subtitle to heart. Risky Rick has a limited supply of ammunition for his pistol; additional ammunition is almost as sparsely available as it is in Capcom’s Resident Evil.

Risky Rick takes on various dangerous enemies through several levels. Mummies roam the halls of the pyramids while tribesmen patrol the jungle. Not only are the enemies varied in the levels but the levels themselves are unique to each other. Pyramids are made of bricks and have hieroglyphs in the background. Jungle levels feature rickety platforms and rope ladders.

With detailed shading by using repeating colors, the developer of Risky Rick has achieved a higher level of detail. This is evident in the bricks of the jungle levels and in the pyramids. This is a great method to eek out just a little more detail than the hardware is normally capable of. Good job there.

The only gripe I really have with Risky Rick right now is the fact that the main sprite flickers quite a bit while moving. This is probably due to pushing the hardware to its limit but hopefully will be fixed prior to the final release.

Source: Youtube

Carl Williams

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