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Kickstarter – Coffee Crisis New Sega Genesis Brawler

Brawlers are a lost art in today’s world.  That is a simple, cold hard, fact.  For some reason the scrolling fighter genre has fallen on hard times.  I come from a period of gaming when Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Rival Turf, and River City Ransom ruled the roost.  With Coffee Crisis I can see I have found others from this period of time.  These guys have the technology and the ability to do something about the lack of good brawlers today.  They are putting their efforts into a platform I really love – the Sega Genesis.  That name though.  Coffee Crisis.

The backstory is corny but that is right up there with the 16-Bit era of gaming.  An alien race, the Smurgelians, has come to Earth for a few essential resources.  One, metal music.  Two, our best coffee.  Three, cat videos.  Four, all of our WiFi.  I don’t think these aliens understand how number four works.  Life would probably suck quite a bit with all of those except number three, I think we can all live without more of those.

Taking control of Black Forge Coffeehouse baristas Nick (in one player mode) and Ashley (second player) you must stop the Smurgelians from completing their tasks.  To accomplish those tasks, the Smurgelians have created their own Internet and embedded it within our Internet – not sure how that will assist in their goals but whatever.  I am interested in the brawling aspect here myself.

The brawling looks like the characters will have short ranges for their physical attacks.  That could make or break the game for most brawling fans.  Basically, it appears to be more like Streets of Rage by Sega than Final Fight by Capcom – the hit boxes are not nearly as forgiving.

The funding will end on December 4th 2016 and cartridges are planned for delivery also in December 2016.  This means the game is pretty much done and we are looking at a pre-order sale here.  That is, to me, quite refreshing.  This shows a TON of confidence by the team in their game.  Sega Genesis brawling fans, here you go.  Support those that support your favorite style of games so we may see more like it.

The Kickstarter just launched and is resting at below 10% of their funding goal.  If you are no longer rocking a Sega Genesis then head over to Ebay and fix that and then grab your cartridge for Coffee Crisis by Mega Cat Studios.

Carl Williams

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  1. Berto Yulianto says:

    A brawling game for SEGA Genesis !!! That’s released (if funded) before that another brawling game for SEGA Genesis, Project Y, which has been funded months ago.

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