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Blaster Master Making Return on Modern Hardware

Back in the 8-Bit days of gaming there were a few timeless franchises.  Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, Contra, Gradius (see a pattern yet?) and of course Blaster Master.  While we can forget Konami updating anything they own (they own the entire Hudson Soft library including TG-16 stuff) we can count on the people behind one classic to return.  Inti Creates is working on a remake of the original 8-Bit Blaster Master and it is called Blaster Master Zero.  Platform and screen shots after the jump.

According to the 20th Anniversary Fan Fest, held in Ichikawa Japan, Inti Creates announced they were making Blaster Master Zero.  They acquired the rights (imagine that) and began work immediately on this remake of the original game.  Inti Creates is using the original 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System game as a base for their remake and judging by the screenshots – they are well on their way to success.

Okay, you waited long enough, or you scrolled to the bottom of this article.  Blaster Master Zero is coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in the Spring of 2017.  Not much longer.  I can wait, seriously, I can.  The screen shots made available so far (above) are impressive and show Inti Creates is on the right track.  There are plans in place to add additional sub weapons, new bosses and extra levels/areas to explore.

3DS Blaster Master Zero

This is how remakes should be made.

For me, this is great news as I was a fan of the original game, including the fudged up Fester’s Quest (which used the overhead engine).  Blaster Master was just a quality release and one that Nintendo fans pointed to when arguing with the few Sega Master System and Atari 7800 fans in my town around this time.  Forget that Playstation version we got in the 90’s and possibly ignore the Sega Genesis version too (though I found a lot of enjoyment with it) as the real new Blaster Master game is coming.  Less than a year to wait.

Blaster Master Zero by Inti Creates
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Available Spring 2017

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