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Acme Animation Factory Gives Gamers Small Taste of Cartoon Creation – Today in Retro Gaming – November 5th, 1994

You can tell how mainstream a console is based on the more “off the wall” titles that it received.  For many this is experimental titles such as My Disney Kitchen on the original Playstation.  This can also be gauged by how many Barbie games a console has available.  Let’s go back a little further and stop with the Super Nintendo.  Acme Animation Factory by Sunsoft intended to give gamers a taste of making cartoons and the accompanying music.  Think of this as an expansion of the ideas presented in Mario Paint by Nintendo.  Just remember, Nintendo did it better even though Sunsoft acquired a license for their outing.

First the comparisons with Mario Paint by Nintendo.  Both feature a freestyle color drawing option.  Acme Animation Factory also includes images that you can color, just like Nintendo’s offering.  Both are compatible with the Super Nintendo mouse accessory (only available at the time by purchasing Mario Paint).  Both games also feature music creation portions that are quite similar.

Now, for the differences between Mario Paint and Acme Animation Factory.  Sunsoft’s offering takes the pre-made still images one step farther.  Color them, then click a button and you get the next frame in a series of animation frames.  Ever wonder what Bugs Bunny would look like if he was red?  What if Elmer Fudd had a beard?  You can find out if you have the patience to work through the cumbersome interface in Acme Animation Factory.

The music creation is quite similar to Mario Paint but now you are working with a wider variety of beats and sound effects.  Mario Paint reigned you in with just Nintendo owned clips and sound effects.

Acme Animation Factory also offers mini games. These are good ways to teach younger players how to use the Super Nintendo mouse.  Fans of Solitaire and Concentration will be right at home with the mini games in Acme Animation Factory.

Sound good to you?  Grab a copy of Acme Animation Factory off of Ebay today.

Carl Williams

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