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Diablo Being Remade

Diablo, the roguelike game that really brought the genre to the modern gamer of the 90’s is getting a remake.  For those that do not know what Diabo is about, it is basically a battle against the devil.  Yep.  If that bothers you then you probably are not the target audience for this game.  Judging by the sales of Diablo, and subsequent sequels, there are a lot of gamers not bothered by this.  Now, Blizzard is working on a remake of the original Diablo and you won’t believe how they are releasing it.

Earlier today at Blizzcon, Blizzard announced they are working on a remake of Diablo.  This will include 16 levels and four bosses from the original game.  While astute readers will notice this is not the complete original game it is going to be most of it.  The original Diablo featured dungeon levels that were completely random in layout – that is roguelike style.

Interestingly Blizzard will be making this remake of Diablo available as a patch for Diablo III.  This means fans of the original will be able to enjoy the game that started this series again.  Not only that, they can enjoy it in the graphics and audio engine of Diablo III.

They are not stopping at just releasing a remake either.  Blizzard will make available, for those that wish to use them, filters that will make the graphics all grainy and pixelated – just like the original game (unless you play using the HD fan patch).  Also, character movement will be restricted to eight directions, again, just like the original game.

This is rather interesting that Blizzard is spending money and time on this patch for Diablo III.  Are there any Diablo III fans that will be grabbing this patch reading this article?  I stopped playing the Diablo series after the second game (it just wasn’t what I was wanting).

Carl Williams

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