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Three New Retro Gaming Consoles Coming

There are currently three new retro gaming consoles on the way.  Each has a different set of games and options.  Two are limited to the games of the hardware while the third is more of a wild card in this race.  While many gamers are clamoring for news on the upcoming Nintendo Switch there are three other consoles that may be more interesting.  Each of these consoles has built in games and come with at least one controller.  Read on to find out about this newly developing retro gaming hardware battle.

First up, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini.  This little thing is built to resemble the original NES that we all know and love.  The differences here are that it is smaller (duh) and has built in games and HDMI out.  There is no option to install more games.  No SD card slot.  No USB.  There is a plug for a second controller though, available separately.  For the Nintendo maniac in your life, this is a great addition for under the tree this holiday season.  Make sure to look over the game list in our article here and verify your favorites are included.  There are 30 games included for about $50 and you get one controller.


Next up is the newly announced TecToy Sega Genesis.  This is a reworking of the original hardware, as closely as possible, with new components.  This should fix the one major problem most people have with the other Sega Genesis clones, such as those from AtGames – the sound quality.  Again, there is a pre-set list of 22 games installed.  The difference over the Nintendo NES Classic Mini is that the TecToy Sega Genesis offers expansion options.  Not only is there a cartridge slot but also an SD card slot for adding games of your own to the pre-packaged list.  There is no HDMI out though.  The holdback here is the price – about $125 imported and you get one controller.  More information is in our article here.


Finally we have the Retro-Bit Generations.  This bad boy comes pre-packaged with over 100 titles total.  From arcade to home consoles to hand held games – there is a lot of content to enjoy here.  Most of the titles are action in nature.  The unique aspect of the Retro-Bit Generations is that it features licensed games from many companies.  There are games from Piko Interactive, Capcom, Irem, Jaleco and more.  The Retro-Bit Generations comes with two USB six button controllers, HDMI and AV outputs and an SD card slot.  Read more in our article here.

My verdict on these three retro gaming consoles?  If you are primarily a two player fan of arcade games then the Retro-Bit Generations is for you.  Unfortunately the TecToy Sega Genesis is available only through importing from Brazil which is going to be expensive (retail is about $125 BEFORE import duties and fees).  The NES Classic Mini is for people that want Nintendo bred stuff like the Super Mario series.  The NES Classic Mini is also the only system out of the three to feature a role playing game (Final Fantasy) so keep that in mind when making your choice.

For me, it is the Retro-Bit Generations as the breadth of games is more in line with my tastes.  While the NES Classic Mini and TecToy Sega Genesis both have great games, the Retro-Bit Generations offers more opportunity for two player gaming and new experiences rather than the same stuff I have been playing for 25+ years.

Carl Williams

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