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TecToy Releasing New Sega Genesis Bundle

It is no secret that Nintendo themselves are releasing the Nintendo NES Classic Mini (previewed here).  Nintendo is making sure that this is a closed system and not one that will feature user augmentation of any kind – no SD card support, no cartridge support and no USB options.  Nothing other than the included games.  TecToy, seeing an opportunity, have upped the ante and are releasing their version of the Sega Genesis.  There may be a small problem though.

For those that do not know, TecToy are official licensees of the Sega Genesis hardware.  They have been for decades.  The problem for many gamers is, TecToy is located in Brazil.  Due to the costs of importing electronics, it is cost prohibitive for fans to support foreign gaming.  That is why companies like TecToy have built a large support base within the country.  TecToy have even made original games for the Sega Genesis such as Duke Nukem 3D (which Piko Interactive licensed for worldwide release).  Now onto the good stuff.

Taking a page out of the Nintendo Classic Mini’s playbook, TecToy have licensed a set of games to be included in onboard memory.  Going one step further than Nintendo, TecToy’s Sega Genesis is also going to include a working cartridge slot.  Also an SD card slot with support for using your own ROMs (such as the many great homebrew titles we cover here on RGM) is included.  TecToy didn’t stop there though and are throwing in a 3 button Sega Genesis controller.

The cool thing about the TecToy Sega Genesis is that it is being built with the original Model 1 version in mind.  What TecToy have done is rebuild the original Sega Genesis as closely as possible with new and modern parts.  This is quite cool as the AtGames models all have problems with the sound quality (due to the “System on a Chip” model used).

Games included are:

You may notice that all of those are Sega titles.  There is no word on if there may be other titles licensed and included but for now, it is Sega only.

Pre-orders are open on the TecToy website.

Carl Williams

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