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Stranger Things Adventure Game Released by Fans

Stranger Things, a popular mini-series on Netflix, took the world by storm via nearly 100% word of mouth advertising.  This show was set in the style of the early 1980’s.  Boy did it capture the mood of that time period.  From how the actors dressed to how they talked and the environment they displayed it was all early 1980’s.  So much so that Netflix could have probably claimed “lost television show found” and people would have probably believed it.  There has been a growing outpouring of interest from fans to have a Stranger Things video game made.  Other fans have taken up that challenge and done it.

This is a fan adventure game based on the Netflix show.  Even down to an art style that is very much from the late 1980’s into, maybe, the early 1990’s.  This fan game is based on the very beginning of the show, episode one with a bit of later episodes mixed in (it is tough to pinpoint without spoiling anything).  The game is setup quite well and doesn’t spoil anything, rather it enhances the show quite a bit- like a really well done intro to the show.  Everything experienced in this game is still less than you will see in the trailers for the show.  Those calling spoilers on this game should just sit down and enjoy it or play something else.

The style, as mentioned before, is in the vein of classic LucasArts and Sierra adventure games.  Monkey Island, Kings Quest etc are obvious inspirations for the Stranger Things adventure game.  You move the mouse cursor around the screen and items or people you can interact with will flash the name on the screen.  Clicking on things will bring up a bit of dialogue or a question tree for you to work from at the bottom of the screen.

Can you figure out the mystery of the Stranger Things fan adventure game?

Head over to to grab your copy of the Stranger Things fan adventure game and enjoy it.  For a spoiler free review of the first season of Stranger Things check out our coverage on Gravis Ludus.

Carl Williams

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