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Kickstarter – Painter’s Apprentice 2D Side Scrolling Action with Paint

The top Master Painter of the village has held you under their brush for three years.  Guiding you, teaching you and enlightening you to the fantastic world of painting.  Being the best pupil you can be has been a task some days and with that in mind, you come to notice one of the Master Painter’s paintings has lost its color.  Attempting to rectify this you pick up the favorite brush of the Master Painter and set out to fix this mistake.  A noise startles you and somehow, when you regain your composure you realize you are now IN the painting you were attempting to fix.  This sets the adventure of Painter’s Apprentice and your quest begins.

The Painter’s Apprentice, under your control, has to defeat paint blobs of various colors.  This is an effort to restore each masterpiece to its former glory.  The action is played out over eight 2D side scrolling unique levels.

There is a bit of education built into The Painter’s Apprentice.  These bits are doled out via collecting paintings from famous artists.  Also, each level features a unique background that is based on certain art styles such as expressionism.

The cool thing about The Painter’s Apprentice is that it draws on a lot of classic games.  Super Mario Bros being the most obvious.  There are also hints of Max and the Magic Marker (Windows), Silhouette Mirage (Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn) and even a bit of Metroid with some levels getting into the “sprawling” category.  The Painter’s Apprentice is not just a run to the right and finish type of game.  You will have to match colors with enemies (similar to Silhouette Mirage) in order to defeat them.  This requires stopping for a second and understanding the challenge set before you.  Run and gun is not going to get you anywhere in The Painter’s Apprentice.

Can you complete the eight masterpieces in The Painter’s Apprentice or will you drown in paint?

The Painter’s Apprentice is currently looking for a very modest amount on Kickstarter (refreshing if you ask me).  Give them some support and help new original games get made.  It is also on Steam Greenlight.


Carl Williams

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