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Castlevania Unreal Engine Remake

Castlevania Unreal Engine remake

Konami may have dropped the ball as far as retro gaming fans are concerned but those fans won’t let go so easily.  For instance, check out this Castlevania Unreal Engine remake.  This is stunning folks.  Imagine if Konami cared enough to do this themselves?  Sales would not be a problem, I think.  This remake is downloadable too.  Find out where, after the jump.

Everything is here from the ghouls in the first level to the candlesticks and stairs.  Dejawolf has put a lot thought and care into this remake.  Just look at the video below for proof of that.  I like the fact that the proceedings are 2.5D style.  If you have not played a modern game with this effect just think back to the first time you played Street Fighter II.  That parallax effect on the floor is EVERYWHERE now.  It certainly helps add a bit more depth to the game.  More than just parallax backgrounds could.

It looks like dejawolf has taken some liberties in his remake of the first Castlevania.  First, Simon Belmont is able to throw his whip in many directions.  In the original NES and arcade versions Simon was only able to whip directly in front of him.  No diagonal or vertical whipping to be had.

This Unreal Engine remake appears to be quite complete.  Right down to the secrets in the levels and the enemy placement.  This is definitely a labor of love.  Remakes like this are not often discovered.  Most developers prefer to simply focus on one part of a game (such as the grass field of Legend of Zelda or a city).

If you want to give this Castlevania Unreal Engine remake a go round then head over to and grab your copy.  While there check out the other video and screenshots available.  If you do grab this, let us know what you think.  Are fans doing it better than Konami at this point?

Update – Konami Kills Fan Unreal Based Remake

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