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Adaeus – Rogue Planet Currently on Steam Greenlight

Anyone that has read Retro Gaming Magazine for long knows we do our best to help independent and homebrew developers reach new audiences (as long as we like their stuff).  That is why we are proud to bring you news about Adaeus – Rogue Planet which is currently sitting on Steam Greenlight looking for some fan assistance.  If you like Metroid and Castlevania mashups then you will want to at least check this one out.

You are a part of a galactic civilization and have just lost contact with your support team.  You are pretty much stranded on Adaeus, described as a bloodthirsty planet full of dangerous fauna, environmental hazards, and limited resources.  Taking control of Darius Cayne, a soldier’s soldier and armed with a power suit and blaster you have to find a new power source for your civilization and also survive the pesky planet Adaeus.

First, this is one of those pixel based artwork games- while I normally despise them Adaeus – Rogue Planet at least went for the 16-Bit era, an interesting bygone style that many don’t use.  How this era of graphics are melded with additional details such as more animation and the power of modern hardware is what sets Adaeus – Rogue Planet apart from similar titles.

Now, you are not alone in this operation, well you are but you have resources.  One such resource is the research lab that you have access to.  This is where you upgrade your weapons, armor and the like.  There are over 50 upgrades to purchase using credits you earn from exploring the planet – ah, good old government work.

Adaeus – Rogue Planet is currently on Steam Greenlight and if you like Metroid, Castlevania, Axiom Virge or any of the other titles in this style then you may want to cast a vote for this.  Your vote could be the one that pushes this over to approved.

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Carl Williams

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