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Bandit Gaming – Aventura Updates Classic Adventure for Sega Genesis

The classic Adventure on the Atari 2600 was one of those games that you either loved or hated.  For many they loved it.  It was so different from what was available for the Atari, or any console, back then.  For me, I was too young to enjoy it early on so I was not aware of its charms till the late 80’s but by then I had already started gaming on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Now, Devstar user “landeel” has taken it upon himself to update the classic Adventure and port it to the Sega Genesis.  You can even play with Atari 2600 controllers if you want that authentic feel.  Time to enter the world of Aventura on your Sega Genesis.

Adventure sets you off on a grand adventure to return the Enchanted Chalice to the Golden Castle.  Along your quest you will encounter three dragons (red, green and yellow) and a bat that is kind of a jerk.  Within the kingdom are two other castles, black and white, each with their own troubles and treasures.  That is what the manual says, or something similar anyhow.  What you actually see in Adventure is well, quite different.

The graphics of Adventure are bare and Aventura is not doing anything to change that.  This is more of a straight port with a couple of new game play modes to spice things up for hardcore Adventure fans.

There are three game modes available in Aventura- Easy, Normal and Random.  There is also now a title screen, go technology!  Anyhow, the original game took Warren Robinette about a year to layout and program.  Aventura, using the original game as a base, took about Landeel about three weeks to complete.  Yeah, yea I know, it is easier to follow a map made by someone else than it is to make the map yourself.

Aventura is available on the Devster forums for free and is another example BasiEgaXorz.  Grab it, enjoy it. Need a Sega Genesis to enjoy Aventura on?  Grab one on Ebay.

Carl Williams

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