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Sega Saturn Policenauts English Fan Translation Released

In issue #2 of our magazine we covered fan translations and digital comics.  We of course placed artwork from Snatcher on the cover.  In that issue was an exclusive interview with Artemio Urbina of and featured Snatcher (among other digital comics and fan translations).  Well, today I am proud to write up this article announcing the Sega Saturn Policenauts game has been translated into English- that is to say, the team have released the patch file.  The rest is on you.

Policenauts, for the few that do not know already, is a digital comic- or a visual novel as they are known today- with a heavy science fiction storyline.  This is not a sequel to Snatcher but a whole new story in a whole new world.  Policenauts pits you as a detective that travels to a nearby space colony to investigate a murder and a disappearance (his wife and her new husband respectively).  See if you can spot the references to pop culture movies that were big in the mid 90’s, hint, one is Lethal Weapon.

I have played the hell out of the Playstation fan translation port (also by and loved it.  I don’t have the means to play the Saturn version so I cannot comment on the overall quality of it.  Judging by their past work, the Sega Saturn game is going to be just as good.

If you are not sure about Policenauts, or digital comics/visual novels, then check out our second issue of Retro Gaming Magazine (available in PDF and print editions).  We cover A LOT of visual novel style games in that issue.

Fans of Policenauts will want to grab this patch.  I am not concerned with Konami pulling a Nintendo and trying to block this patch from being released.  When I first interviewed Artemio I was in contact with Konami and alerted them to the interview and they simply said they were not interested in “popularizing unofficial” content.  Nothing like what we see from Nintendo here, though Konami is still just a shell of how cool they used to be- at least they are not litigious towards their fans.

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