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Simpsons Invade Streets of Rage 2

The Simpsons characters invade the world of Streets of Rage 2 world and bring a can of whooping with them.  Take control of Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart Simpson, Mr. Burns and Smithers as they try to clean up the world of Sega’s iconic brawler.  This is a hack from Candra Software and released on ROMHacking’s website for free.

Judging by the different characters it seems Marge and Mr. Burns are the most powerful of the bunch.  Homer Simpson and Smithers have really short reaches with their attacks.  Bart and Lisa Simpson are well rounded characters for their size (Lisa seems more powerful than Bart).  Check out the gameplay videos embedded in this article for a better idea of what I am talking about.

My favorite character is Mr. Burns in his robotic suit.  While he cannot jump in this thing he can attack left and right at the same time. This helps A LOT when enemies gang up on you and pummel from both sides.  Also, Mr. Burns’ special attack is a gun that shoots bullets out of his chest/stomach area of the suit.

Bart rides around on a skateboard which is fitting for his character but his reach is not what you would think it should be.  His special attack is cool- he turns into Bartman for one of them and flies into the air and comes down on the enemy.  Nice touch there.

Smithers’ sprite is, well, “off” somewhat.  He is not the mild mannered assistant that he appears to be in the Simpsons cartoon. Here he is slightly bigger than the enemies, in a comical way, and his attacks are weak as all get out.  I guess if you want a challenge Smithers would be a good choice.

Lisa and Marge are really powerful and the butt bump Marge does when performing a flying kick is funny.  Homer is about like Smithers but his sprite is proportionate to the rest of the characters.

Grab the hack file from and have some fun with the Simpsons in Streets of Rage 2.

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “Simpsons Invade Streets of Rage 2”

  1. Candra Software says:

    I never intended this ROM Hack to be so popular.

    • Carl Williams says:

      That is usually the ones that become popular. Thank you for making the hack, it is a lot of fun playing as Mr. Burns and just being a jerk with his suit and over powering abilities.

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