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Piko Interactive Launch Retro Gaming Second Wave of Goodness

Legend Super Nintendo

In the world of retro gaming there are not a lot of companies like Piko Interactive.  They go out and find unreleased games, get the rights to them and fix them up, sometimes completing them, and then releasing them legally for fans to purchase.  Take a look at the Piko Interactive store and you will see everything from brawlers (Streets of Rage 2 style) to action platformers to shooters.  Then there are the original titles that are the cream of the independent homebrew world that Piko release.  What is awesome about this company is they announce games and actually release them within a reasonable time period.  That brings me to the point of this article- the second wave of gaming goodness from Piko Interactive.  They have six brand new games and one reprint of a popular title available for pre-order right now.

First let’s get that reprint out of the way.  Remember the good old days of gaming when brawlers like Final Fight and Streets of Rage ruled your free time?  Legend was a title that kind of flew under the radar when it was released in 1994 on the Super Nintendo.  That just makes the reprint by Piko Interactive all that much more fun as you can now purchase it and enjoy it 22 years after the initial release.  Pre-order Legend today.

Another brawler style game on the Super Nintendo to watch for is Iron Commando.  Why is this release by Piko so special?  First, this game was not released outside of Japan making this release the only way to play Iron Commando on your Super Nintendo in English.  If you think brawlers are boring, check out this one- there is more than just punch, jump kick, move right to this one.  Pre-order Iron Commando today.

Next up is a brand new game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Snakky follows the classic Snake game formula but with levels and of course increasing challenge as your snake grows in length as his hunger is taken care of.  Pre-order Snakky today.

Okay, let’s take a look at some of those Sega Genesis games Piko are accepting pre-orders for.  One of the most unique titles here is this one, Sumo Slam.  This is an overhead action game where you are trying to push your opponents out of the ring and off the floating platform.  There are game modes where you are trying to eat sushi or squash mosquitos also.  This could be one of those great party games with the right friends (beverages and side bets are all on you).  Pre-order Sumo Slam today.

It is interesting when gaming meets education.  No, I am not talking about some weird alphabet teaching game or anything.  Generals of the Yang Family may just inspire more gamers to research the background story after they play a few rounds of this new Sega Genesis brawler.  First time in English and first time on cart for North American gamers.  Pre-order Generals of the Yang Family today.

Brawlers not your cup of tea?  Prefer puzzle games that test the mind with a touch of reflexes?  Smart Mouse is for you then.  First time in English, fully translated from Taiwanese and ready to push you with some challenging levels and smart enemies.  Pre-order Smart Mouse today.


Finally we have the lone Atari Jaguar release in this second wave of retro gaming goodness by Piko Interactive.  Custodian is a 2D side scrolling (the best kind) action game featuring four sprawling levels.  You are tasked with protecting energy bases against parasites that are power hungry (get it?  Ah never mind).  This is the first new release for the Atari Jaguar by Piko Interactive and they flat out say it like it is- support for this game will dictate more games from them on the last Atari console or not.  Put your money where your mouth is on this one folks and you will get more from Piko whose track record is pretty impecible.  Pre-order Custodian today.

There you go, six new releases on three consoles- several seeing their first time in English and on cartridge.  If you are a retro gaming fan I find it hard to think of another company that deserves more support than Piko Interactive.  So, tell me, which games are you pre-ordering?

Source: Piko Interactive website

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