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Ghosts n Goblins Amstrad GX4000 Port Debuts, Work in Progress

Ghosts n Goblins

Back in the late 1980’s there was this thing gamers visited on a regular basis.  Arcades.  In those mystical buildings, sometimes just rooms inside, were collections of some of the best games you could want to play at the time.  One such game was Ghosts n Goblins by Capcom.  This was a nail bitingly intense action game that would suck quarters right out of your pocket if you were not careful.  Ghosts n Goblins has seen many ports over the years, both official and like this one, unofficial.  So, how does the Amstrad GX4000 hold up with this classic?  Find out after the jump.

This fan production is a work in progress by Nemo Kantio currently features the first level of the overall game.  I know, that is not a lot to go by as far as the quality but it is enough to understand why fans need to be at least interested in this fan port.  Also, Capcom is not nearly as litigious as Nintendo is so odds are this fan port of Ghosts n Goblins will see release if the developer stays with it.

As you can see in the embedded video above, this Amstrad GX4000 port of Ghosts n Goblins is quite true to the original Capcom arcade game.  Sure, there are no parallax scrolling backgrounds (the GX4000 is an 8-Bit console) and there is a bit of detail missing but what is there is the classic arcade game.  Nemo Kantio is obviously a fan of the original game- it shows in nearly every screen.

Animations are a little rough but well, again, this is an 8-Bit console.  The first boss is a little anemic – I would have liked to see him beefed up a bit but I am also not the one doing the hard work here.  Take it as you will- fans are already watching this one.

For a direct comparison between the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis ports check out our first issue of Retro Gaming Magazine.

Source: Retro Gaming History (translated)


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