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Fan Mod Super Mario 64 Last Impact Released

Super Mario and Nintendo are synonymous with video games.  You don’t have to be a Nintendo fan to know who Mario is.  The legions of fans that not only remember Mario but also want more fun in the series is almost incalculable.  One fan named Kaze has taken his fandom of Nintendo and Super Mario 64 farther than most ever will.  After spending over 4,000 hours working on Super Mario 64 Last Impact Kaze has released it to the world for everyone to enjoy.  The question is, how long before Nintendo gets wind of Last Impact and drops a cease and desist on it like they have done other fan projects in the past?

Super Mario 64 Last Impact features 130 new collectible stars, tons of new levels and areas to explore and of course, new enemies.  There are also 12 new power ups to help you along the way- one allows Mario to make cloud platforms so he can reach higher locations easily.  Of particular interest is the ability to flatten Mario, ala Paper Mario, so he can fall between floor grates or fit in tight locations to further explore.

What is obvious in Super Mario 64 Last Impact is this is a labor of love and not someone wanting money.  From the inclusion of the Bee Mario suit to the frog suit, it is all an attack on the senses and figuring out what to do next.  This obviously goes against what Nintendo probably intended for Super Mario 64 but well, that is the point of a full on mod like this.  Fans like Kaze are simply improving on the original rather than diminishing it in any way.

Good luck grabbing a copy of Super Mario 64 Last Impact as the Google Drive location it is saved in has been hammered repeatedly since release.  You may have better luck with the Mediafire locations listed in the Youtube description.

Want to play this on your Nintendo 64, or need an N64 in the first place?  Hit Ebay and grab one.

Carl Williams

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