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Clock Tower Lops Limbs Off Playstation Owners – Today in Retro Gaming – October 1st, 1997

When you think of horror games on the original Playstation console, what do you think of?  Maybe you only know Capcom’s Resident Evil in this genre.  Maybe you go a little less mainstream and remember something called Clock Tower by our friends at ASCII Entertainment?  While this is technically the second Clock Tower game, the first was on the Super Famicom and never released in North America, which does nothing to diminish the scares or the storyline.  The question is, can you beat the Scissorman at his own game?

Set in Norway in the Scissorman’s estate, you are tasked with solving the mystery without dying.  Good luck with that as the Scissorman knows his abode like you do the back of your own hand.  You are controlling the adopted mother of the character from the first Clock Tower game, the one we did not get, who is named Helen Maxwell.  Jennifer is going through psychological treatment over the events in the first game.  Out of the blue more, similar, murders occur which prompts Helen to start looking for the source.

Considering this is the first time the developers, Human, ever worked with 3D things are a little on the slow side.  That is fine as it can add to the atmosphere and scares when you do screw up and encounter the enemy within.  The action takes place in a similar fashion as most Point and Click adventures do.  Unlike Sierra’s attempts at taking their classic King’s Quest into the 3D world, Clock Tower actually works.  The use of scares and understanding about your characters chance of survival are well implemented.  The cursor basically acts like your survival chances guide, your life force and ability to interact with the environment – all in one.  This is quite ingenious as you are not going to have to look at another area of the screen to see that stuff (Resident Evil).  It is all right there where you are looking anyhow, your cursor.  Nice touch.

Get ready to experience some scares and grab a copy of Clock Tower off of Ebay.  You will be jumping before Halloween gets here.

Carl Williams

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