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Super Mario Bros X 2.0 Released, Grab Before Cease and Desist Comes

It is obvious today that Nintendo is going to put down anything that is not sanctioned by them and using their characters.  This is sad news as a lot of fans simply love Nintendo and their characters.  We have seen a lot of fan games taken down lately and it is just a matter of time before we probably see Super Mario Bros X 2.0 receive similar treatment.  The question is, how many fans will secure their copy before that happens?  Links after the jump.

One thing that Super Mario Bros X 2.0 offers fans is the chance to replay the classic levels with new improvements.  These improvements go beyond what Nintendo did with their Super Mario All-Stars and then Super Mario Advance releases on the Game Boy Advance.  How?  Well, have you ever played a Super Mario level with Link from Legend of Zelda?  What about played as Snake and taken on the Mushroom Kingdom?  Okay, what about as Wario?  Bet you haven’t.  With Super Mario Bros X 2.0 you can.

Characters included are: Klonoa, Juni, Uncle Broadsword (?), Mario (of course), Luigi (again, of course), Peach, Toad, Link, Megaman, Wario, Bowser, Ninja Bomberman, Rosalina, Snake, Zelda and Samus.  Whew, that is a lot of characters.

Super Mario Bros X 2.0 does not simply swap out sprites like most hacks do.  No, this game is using a new engine that allows you to see more of the level than we ever got on Nintendo NES, Super NES or newer platforms.

Included in this download is the level editor so you can create your own levels.  Create new takes on old favorites or all new classics.  It is rather interesting that you can play as many different characters- many are not even Nintendo characters.  This adds a bit of strategy to Super Mario Bros X 2.0 and definitely gives a new angle to a formula some may be tired of by now.

Head over to to grab a copy before Nintendo C&D’s this one.

Carl Williams

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