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MediEvil Revives Failed Hero Hell-bent on Revenge – Today in Retro Gaming – October 1st 1998

What happens when the hero of the battle is the first one to fall in said battle?  Well, if you are the king over that hero and his army you cover it up and act like it never happened.  This is exactly what King of Gallowmere did when Sir Daniel Fortesque fell in battle against the evil Zarok.  See, the legend of Sir Fortesque goes COMPLETELY different and that is something you will have to right in MediEvil on the Playstation console.  You are a hero, right?

Sir Daniel Fortesque fell in the great battle to the first arrow shot- right through his eye.  Thanks to a quick witted King of Gallowmere, the peasants never heard about that bit of misfortune.  The great battle was won by the army of Gallowmere and Zarok was dispatched (he went into hiding letting the world think him dead).  That is how the man became a legend.  Something is amiss in the world after about 100 years, Zarok returns and raises his army.  Mistakenly in this process, Zarok also raises Sir Dan- now a skeletal corpse of his former self.  Missing an eye (that pesky arrow) and his jaw, Sir Dan views this as a chance to right the wrong of his life.  You see, since Sir Dan was a failure in becoming a true hero he could not ascend to the Hall of Heroes.

That all sets up a 3D action adventure with you controlling Sir Dan.  MediEvil is a rather interesting release for the Playstation console.  Much like Spryo, another Playstation classic series, MediEvil is all about exploration, collecting and righting wrongs on the land.  If you thought Spyro was a little too cutesy, or Mario’s latest adventure on the Nintendo 64 was too kiddie looking then you were probably the target audience for MediEvil.

MediEvil arrived years before Capcom finally took a similar approach in updating Ghosts n Golbins with Maximo on the Playstation 2 console.  For me, MediEvil was more fun too.

Want to relive the rebirth of Sir Dan?  Hit Ebay and grab a copy before Halloween sets in.

Carl Williams

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