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Beard Blade Brings 16-Bit Battletoads Back on Kickstarter

What do you do when you are a fan of the classics like Battletoads, Yoshi’s Island and Ristar but there are no games like that anymore?  Well, if you are Glovebox Games you make a game that screams from the deepest parts of its lungs that it is retro, it is 16-Bit and it misses that time.  Then you put it on Kickstarter and see if there are enough fans that remember, and miss, that period too.  You are Beard Blade.

Branson, your bearded character, cannot stand by as an invading army of imps attack his little seaside town.  After doing his best to get back the looted items of the townspeople Branson is captured and thrown in a dungeon.  The imps left him there, left for dead.  As luck would have it, Branson’s cell mate was a barber that was once a powerful wizard (times got tough and he changed professions).  After a bit of enchanting of the facial hair type, Branson became the “Beard Blade” who reaps vengeance on the imps.  Will Branson be able to handle the dark secret that awaits him?

Currently sitting at about 20 to 25% complete, Beard Blade is already showing off a lot of charm and uniqueness that, I personally miss dearly.  Games simply are not made like this anymore.  Beard Blade is a 2D side scrolling action platform game with a clean art style that is NOT pixel art.  Thank goodness.

Using your beard appears to be easy and contextual.  Jumping at a platform and need a hand up?  The beard provides.  Facing an oncoming enemy and need an offensive move?  The beard provides.  This reminds me so much of Battletoads, a game that was way more fun to play than the action on screen would lead you to believe.  Beard Blade just oozes that classic Rare gameplay, hopefully the difficulty won’t be as high though.

Head over to Kickstarter to show some support for Beard Blade.

Carl Williams

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