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Antraxx Gives Kickstarter Fans Giant Mech Combat

Antraxx, the classic styled giant mech overhead action game is now on Kickstarter.  What is cool about this new development is well, Antraxx is closer to completion and holy crap, and there is an all new original animated intro to go with the new action.  There are also new playable demos and options for the game for those interested in trying before they back.  But that intro, man, makes me want to see an Antraxx anime movie or TV series now.

The story behind Antraxx is one that is rather timeless.  Generations ago the human race unleashed a plague of epic proportions on itself causing massive casualties.  This led the nations of the world to develop new ways to wage war (about right for humans).  The nations of the world developed giant mechs to wage war with.  Technology was refined to an art and it was put to war efforts.  From the devastation left in the world two nations rose to oppose each other.  This left the planet in perpetual war and people the fodder.

In the past when I covered Antraxx I mentioned a heavy influence from Battletech on the Sega Genesis and I still stand by that reference.  Antraxx is what giant mech game fans have wanted for years but for some reason, developers have ignored us.  Well, Leendert Oomen has heard the cries of fans and is working to give those fans a chance to vote with our dollars.  Remember, support those giving us what we want or we won’t get more of it.  Simple.

Antraxx is currently on Kickstarter looking for just over $33,000 in funding.  Giant mech fans, if you want to see more of Antraxx I suggest you help make this happen.  You can also help by voting on Steam Greenlight or join in the chat on Discord to talk with the team directly.

Carl Williams

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