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VN32X Brings Visual Novel Games to Sega 32X Console

The Sega 32X died a rather quick death in terms of video games are concerned.  There simply were not a lot of games released for the Sega 32X console.  Sega tried.  They really did.  We got stuff like Star Wars Arcade and even a Knuckles Chaotix game that showed the add-on could do really good 2D stuff.  One genre that we did not get, and admittedly not much on any North American released console, was the visual novel genre.  Well, VN32X is a work in progress tool that will help you, yes you, bring more visual novels to the world.

We ventured into the world of visual novels in our second issue of our magazine, available here (Sacred Line review is in issue #1).  Visual novels are also called “digital comics”- if you are a retro gaming fan and know of Snatcher then you know all about visual novels and digital comics.  Some would argue that the peak of this genre was Snatcher, which saw release here in North America (in quite censored format).

VN32X is just the engine behind the visual novel.  You will still have to create the graphics, sounds, story, and whatever else you would like to include in your digital comic.  This is quite a cool piece of tech as it is basically GINCS for the Sega 32X.  A recent game released using GINCS for the Sega Genesis was Sacred Line (also released on PC via Steam’s digital distribution service).  My review of Sacred Line on Sega Genesis is available here on Retro Gaming Magazine.

Our coverage of Sacred Line received quite a bit of good response from fans which prompted us to make them a feature in issue #2 of Retro Gaming Magazine.  Will you be the developer that uses VN32X to create the next Snatcher game that we cover here on RGM?


Carl Williams

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