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Capcom Gives Fans Resident Evil Director’s Cut – Today in Retro Gaming – September 30th, 1997

When Capcom released the original Resident Evil onto the Sony Playstation console it was unique.  Never before had gamers been presented with a 3D horror game like this before.  No, I am not counting Alone in the Dark here as that was more of a 3D adventure game with monsters.  Resident Evil was a 3D Action adventure with monsters.  The difference being Capcom’s take on the genre was more visceral and “in your face” than Alone in the Dark ever was.  Think of it like Pitfall versus Super Mario Bros.  Both games were side scrolling action games but both are remembered for totally different reasons.  Same thing with 3D horror games- one is still going strong and the other fell to the wayside years ago.  Resident Evil Director’s Cut improves upon the original release, getting almost everything right.

Resident Evil Director’s Cut was a flub on Capcom’s part for a few reasons but it was still a cool release.  It also showed gamers how easily tweaks to games could turn into half version releases of popular titles thanks to CD-ROM media.  Had Resident Evil released on cartridge then we probably would never have seen the Director’s Cut and Director’s Cut Dual Shock Version released, they would have been left on the cutting room floor and probably escaped as unreleased ROMs.

Capcom did some reworking on the original game to create this Director’s Cut release.  First, the reason you would want this version over the original.  There is an arranged mode where everything is changed.  From item locations to monsters lying in wait it is all different.  The arranged mode also has one more major treat for fans.  Most of the rooms are rendered from new directions, some giving a much better viewpoints to the action.

No, Resident Evil Director’s Cut doesn’t stop there.  If you found the original game too tough then you are a prime candidate for the “Easy” mode.  This mode gives you a ton more ammunition (rumors say the stashes are doubled in the game).  Also, the regular pistol (upgraded version over the original) has a random chance of decapitating a zombie when shot.  Cool, huh?

While advertised as the Director’s Cut, there were a few things still left on the cutting room floor that weren’t supposed to be.  If you want the full version from the get go then you will have to grab the PC version as that was uncensored from day one.

Missing this one from your collection?  Wan to grab that elusive PC version?  Hit Ebay and blast some zombies sooner than later.

Carl Williams

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7 Responses to “Capcom Gives Fans Resident Evil Director’s Cut – Today in Retro Gaming – September 30th, 1997”

  1. Limit Break says:

    Good game 🙂
    Too bad we basically let it’s legacy transform in every single First-Person walking-hiding simulator ever created 🙁
    Sorry, Resident Evil, we failed to preserve you. Trends killed you.

    • Carl Williams says:

      Can’t really argue with your comment. It seems a lot of games have this happen when they get too far down the sequel tree.

      • Limit Break says:

        Yeah… Well, that is very well mirroring of our own lifes… As in… We all are going to die and serve as nourishment for everything that’ll come after us 🙂
        Death there be to all after I die.
        Simply because it all grows on top of my bones.
        Fuck the future.
        Now, you can argue with this comment, right ? 🙂 I made it easier for you to antagonise me :3
        Seriously, though… I am 24 and all I do is replay old games new generation deems as something old and undeserving of praise… So fuck ’em. Let there be death unto all of them. Let them feel the dissapointment and utter hopelessness I felt in the end.
        That is not a joke. I demand suffering for others simply because they failed to realise the potential Team Silent and the likes of it bestowed on them.

  2. Soda Popinski says:

    Man, I sure wish Sony would allow digital PS1 classics to be played on PS4 so I could purchase and play this! PS4 is the only Sony system I currently own.

    • Trinity says:

      I know, it’s very frustrating. Digital PSOne classics are currently cross-buy on EVERY Playstation system capable of connecting to PSN (that’s PSP, Vita, and PS3) EXCEPT for the newest and most powerful PS4.

      Why is that? If 2 handhelds can do it, surely PS4 can also.

      • Orko says:

        $$$***PSNow profit***$$$
        Sony already stated they plan on bringing these to PSNow. I don’t like it one bit either, but that’s the sad unfortunate reality.

      • Carl Williams says:

        Oh the PS4 can play them, just Sony doesn’t want to give gamers that capability just yet.

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