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Homeworld Hits Windows Real Time Strategy Fans from 3rd Dimension – Today in Retro Gaming – September 28th, 1999

What would civilization do if presented with an advanced piece of technology, such as a space ship?  Robotech asked this in Anime and we see it in Homeworld by Sierra Entertainment for Windows computers, released in 1999.  While gamers were probably getting sick of real time strategy games by 1999, who could blame them, Homeworld almost re-invented the genre but now it was 3D and enemies were not just beside you but above and below you.  This added depth and challenge to the proceedings but was it worth the learning curve?

The back story for Homeworld involves a planet that is rife with war between factions.  This world is kind of jacked up- only the poles of the planet were actually habitable.  The rest of the planet, Kushan as it was called, was covered in a really nasty desert.  Well, a space ship was discovered in the sands of that desert, not fully operational but still, neither was the SDF-1 when discovered in Robotech.  After nearly a century of coming together and setting differences aside this ship was made space worthy again.  Low and behold there was even a map of the galaxy was available on the ship.  After a maiden space jump (how can that go wrong?) the ship ends up on the outer rim and in a bad situation (duh).

Homeworld features three dimensional game play which means you are going to have to pay attention during that tutorial session.  Maybe twice.  There is a learning curve with Homeworld but there is also a great sense of satisfaction when you are moving around the battle arenas and whipping enemy butt.

In the single player mode there are 16 missions and are persistent (stock up on resources whenever possible and SAVE as many ships as you can).

Gearbox Interactive holds the rights to Homeworld but prior to that the source code for the 3D engine and underlying trappings were released to the public (with a small caveat).  There was a sequel released and a few prequels and even an HD remake.  Fans of the 3D real time strategy genre will love this one.

Hit Ebay if you want a legit copy of Homeworld or one of the follow up games.  We appreciate your support.

Carl Williams

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