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Sega Genesis Receives Space Rush 3 Update, Work in Progress Independent Homebrew 2D Run and Gun

The Sega Genesis is one of those consoles that was built with pretty much off the shelf parts.  At least early on (before Sega revised the hardware a bit) there was no real copy protection.  When released over 20 years ago, it was just too expensive to get into independent development for the Genesis (those that wanted to usually just stayed with the computer cousin, the Commodore Amiga).  In the last couple of decades though, that high barrier to entry for independent homebrew developers has dropped, considerably.  One such proof of concept of that is Space Rush 3 by Youtube user “Childish Idea”.  While not perfect and certainly no threat to Contra Hardcorps, Space Rush 3 is still interesting.

Since this is a work in progress, and this is a news article not a review,  I will refrain from crying about the lack of enemies, animation and the other trappings of a complete game.  Instead, let’s look at how Space Rush 3 could benefit other independent homebrew developers (I know I am stepping on some toes using that combination of words).

Space Rush 3 was created using the SGDK (Sega Genesis Development Kit) by Stef.  The SGDK is basically an independently developed program set that helps speed up independent development of new games for the Sega Genesis.  Now, this is not a an engine nor does the SGDK do a lot for you as far as setting up code- you will have to know that stuff already.

No, what Space Rush 3 shows is that “run and gun” games are viable in the independent homebrew community and that with a little effort, can run quite well.  I am not bashing independent homebrew developers that wish to focus on puzzle games and the like for the Sega Genesis but, honestly, those are not going to make your name a household thing, nor if you plan on selling them will you become a millionaire.  We have a lot of puzzle games for the Sega Genesis from the independent homebrew scene so it is nice to see something else, even if it is a work in progress.

Source: Homebrew Heroes Facebook page

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