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Bandit Gaming – Gradius Sees ColecoVision Release by AtariAge

Gradius is one of the iconic side scrolling shooting games that Konami kind of dropped the ball on repeatedly over the years.  Sure, there were over 15 releases in the series across many platforms but the last, swan song if you will, released in 2011 was a pachislot game.  What a shame, Konami.  What a shame.  Anyhow, fans are fans and the ones over at Opcode games are completing their port of Gradius to the ColecoVision console- it appeared in the AtariAge store earlier this month and is apparently on track for release.  You will need more than just a ColecoVision if you are planning on playing Gradius upon release.

You will need the Super Game Module, also by Opcode games, to run Gradius on the ColecoVision console.  This makes loving Gradius enough to want to play every version released quite a costly proposition.  There is good news though.  There are plenty of other independent homebrew releases for the ColecoVision that use the Super Game Module add-on.  That eases the wallet shock a bit, only if you are willing to shell out more money for more games to spread the cost across though.

If you are interested in this, the ColecoVision port of Gradius is, I believe, based on the MSX computer version.

Coleco Quarterly Revision 1

As you can see in my mockup of a magazine spread I was working on earlier this year, Gradius was never released for the ColecoVision console.  This makes this fan port quite the collector’s item considering there is a lot going in the retro gaming world involving IP holders like Nintendo shutting down free fan projects like Project AM2R and Pokemon fan projects.  Konami has been quiet on the taking on fans in legal situations front though.  Maybe that will continue long enough for Opcode games, and anyone else working on porting Konami games around, to finish their efforts.

Head over to the AtariAge store to pre-order Gradius for the ColecoVision.  Follow development in the thread on the AtariAge forums.

Source: Homebrew Heroes Facebook page.

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