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Wonder Boy Returns Relaunches Classic Franchise on Steam for Windows

Okay, hang with me here.  The Wonder Boy series has been around the world many times over, especially during the 16-Bit era.  Most notably to North American gamers this game is familiar under a couple of names.  One is Monster Lair for the Turbo Grafx-16 CD-ROM, which not a lot of gamers shelled out the cash for the hardware to push it.  That leaves another, more, notable option many will probably remember- Adventure Island by Hudson Soft.  You see, the Wonder Boy games have a weird licensing agreement in place (Sega owns the rights to the name “Wonder Boy” but not the actual game in case you are wondering).  Wonder Boy Returns brings all of the necessary licenses together to possibly become a seminal release on Steam for Windows.

CFK out of Korea have aligned the stars, and probably paid for licenses through the nose, so that they could bring gamers a new Wonder Boy game.  Wonder Boy Returns.  For many gamers this is something awesome and wild at the same time as for many of us, this license was “dead”.  We felt no one would spend the time and money to make an actual Wonder Boy game.  Wonder Boy Returns is something of a treat too.  No matter if you played this series under the Wonder Boy name or if it was via the Adventure Island series then you are probably a fan.  Well, here you go.  A new game with updated graphics from a series that I, for one, had given up on seeing remade.

If you enjoy action platform arcade titles AT ALL then please, show CFK (and other companies) some support.  I remember the days when new action platform arcade games were the norm, now they are a withered shadow of their former glory.  We, as retro gamers, have to come together and support companies giving us what we want so we can get more of it.

What is cool is that Monster World, the other half of the Wonder Boy games, is getting a remake too.

Wonder Boy Returns by CFK
Genre: Action, Platform
Platform: Windows via Steam Digital Distribution
In App Purchases: No
Available Fall of 2016

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