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Sega Acquires Technosoft Franchises, Slowly Becoming Another Electronic Arts

Sega is a company that fans REALLY want to love and support but that love and support is more often than not met with lackluster Sonic the Hedgehog games.  This bothers a lot of the gaming populace that remember Sega of old. The Sega that released Comix Zone, Streets of Rage 1, 2 and 3 on Sega Genesis, Shining the Holy Ark on Saturn, released the Dreamcast and more.  For a lot of us it is apparent that that Sega is gone.  Then they do things like acquiring the Technosoft library of games.  If you are a retro gamer of any caliber then you know who Technosoft is.  For the rest of you reading this, read on and prepare for a short history lesson.

Back in the day, Technosoft were one of THE developers of Sega Genesis games that every gamer had to have in their collection.  That is 100% true for their Thunder Force series of scrolling shooters.  Thunder Force III and IV are arguably two of the best examples of the genre (TFIII was ported to SNES as Thunder Spirits- directly compared in our first issue).  Technosoft was more than just the developer behind the Thunder Force series of games.  They have also released Herzog Zwei and Elemental Master both also on the Sega Genesis console.

Technosoft’s Thunder Force III was just announced to be coming to the Sega 3D Archives release.  This is great news which hopefully means we will see Thunder Force IV, V and VI get HD remakes at some point (Thunder Force V was pretty awesome though IV is still my favorite).

Interestingly it is already confirmed that Sega is planning on re-releasing Thunder Force IV and V and Herzog Zwei at some point- platforms unknown at this time.  Considering these were 16 and 32-Bit titles it could be just about any platform from the 3DS up to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One they are eyeing for these titles to hit.  I am fine with that.  Especially if they do remakes of some kind.

Source: 4Gamer

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