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Puyo Puyo Chronicles Shown at Tokyo Game Show 2016

Sega are on quite a roll lately.  Just recently it was revealed that Sega were acquiring the Technosoft library that includes the Thunder Force series, Herzog Zwei and a few other titles.  Now it they are showing off Puyo Puyo Chronicles for the Nintendo 3DS.  This is great news for fans of this franchise when it was released here in the states as Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine on Sega Genesis and Game Gear.  Other retro gaming fans may remember it as Kirby’s Avalanche on Super Nintendo.  In more recent years, Sega has brought the series over under the Puyo Puyo name on platforms such as the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.  With such a pedigree to work off of, it is almost a guarantee that we will see this newest entry released in North America at some point.  For now, it is a Japan exclusive.

For those not familiar with the gameplay of Puyo Puyo, it is a falling block type game.  Similar to Sega’s Columns games but with more strategy and tons more charm to burn.  The fun of Puyo Puyo Chronicles comes from the quest mode, battles and light role playing game elements that are included.

You will gain experience points as you win battles against the non-player characters in a style similar to “Battle Bejeweled” games we cover on Gravis Ludus.  As you make matches with your little blobs you can send attacks to your enemy.  On the Nintendo 3DS players will be able to enjoy some co-op gameplay and possibly head to head battles.  The quest mode includes an overhead world map to track your progress and get a glimpse of where you are heading.  Battles have a slight Pokemon feel to them as the enemies are usually cute and cuddly creatures.

No word on when we can expect Puyo Puyo Chronicles in North America, hopefully sooner than later.

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