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Fan Mod Adds Double Dragon II Bosses Everywhere

The original Double Dragon II was not all that easy to beat.  To add to the complications in beating this brawler, you did not see the whole game if you played on an easier difficulty.  This was cool for the hardcore players but also kind of a rip off to those that were not quite as good as many.  The game was setup to slap down less skilled players- not letting them play the later levels.  Anyhow, for the hardest of hardcore Double Dragon II fans out there, I present to you a fan modification that removes all of the normal enemies and replaces them with bosses.  All of them.

Now, if you are like me and felt the original Double Dragon II was tough already when played on the highest difficulty, this mod may make it almost impossible to beat.  I mean, instead of just regular old Joe’s running around, some taking more hits than others, you now have Chin Taimei, Right Arm, Burnov and Abore among your regular enemies as you progress through Double Dragon II.  To say this fan mod is tough is quite an understatement.

Double Dragon II was a cool port to the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the day.  This title was varied quite a bit based on what platform you were playing on.  I mainly played on the Nintendo NES but remember fondly looking at the advertisements in computer gaming mags like Compute! Magazine and seeing that Atari ST and Commodore Amiga version.  Those versions were seemingly “arcade” level quality and boy did I want to play them, at least that Commodore Amiga version.

This fan mod is for the Nintendo Entertainment System version so keep that in mind when grabbing the patch from’s servers.  If you are looking for an original copy of Double Dragon then check out Ebay.

Carl Williams

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One Response to “Fan Mod Adds Double Dragon II Bosses Everywhere”

  1. I used to plaY this game all the time, and I mean all day when I was around 10. The classics are always the best.

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