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Global Game Gear Asks How Are You Protecting Your Atari 2600 Collection?

It is an age old question.  How to protect your gaming library.  Sure, there were some companies that provided protective sleeves for “some” of their titles.  Nintendo did this for pretty much all of the NES games that were officially licensed.  They also did this for “some” of the Super Nintendo games they released- eventually opting to drop the little plastic sleeve (many experts state that this move saved Nintendo a nickel per game).  That is all find and dandy if you still have those sleeves.  For most gamers buying titles loose, or used, those slip covers are LONG gone.  There are aftermarket options for SNES and others but what about the Atari 2600?  Atari never really addressed this issue.  Global Game Gear is stepping up and doing it for Atari- over 30 years later.

The protective covers that Global Game Gear are working to produce are dusted and somewhat transparent.  This allows protection to the cartridge and label but still lets you see some of the original artwork on the cartridge.  That is what this is really about, at least for me.  Some of those Atari 2600 games had amazing cover art on them.  A completely opaque dust cover would simply not work as that would block all of the artwork and that would be a crime in my eyes.

Okay, let’s get down to cost here.  At the lowest pledge to actually receive Global Game Gear dust covers for your Atari 2600 retro games you are going to get 10 units.  This pledge is at $15, which is about $1.50 per dust cover.  I know, for a lot of us that is more than we paid for the games we are putting into the dust cover.  For others, 10 units may not be enough.  Pledge at the highest level, $500, and you get 519 dust covers- this level gives the most value, obviously but also the highest out of pocket cost.  At the $500 level, the Global Game Gear dust covers are priced at just a hair above $0.96 each.  This level is for the hardcore collector that understands as time goes on getting mint condition cartridges is going to eventually become a valuable commodity.

So, how are you protecting your Atari 2600 retro gaming library?  If you don’t have a solution and want one, here you go.  I can easily see collectors with valuable games opting for Global Game Gear protective sleeves.  If that is you then head over to their Kickstarter and pledge.

Carl Williams

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