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Fans Improve 8-Bit Nintendo Super Pitfall for 30th Anniversary, Visually New Game

Most of the time when we cover retro game hacks here on Retro Gaming Magazine, it is usually to add a new character such as in Streets of Rage 2.  Sometimes it is an improvement such as this one for Super Pitfall on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  What fans have done here is almost create a new game, at least they did visually and aurally.  Check out the comparison screen shots below.  The differences are startling.

For those that don’t know, Super Pitfall is a 2D side scrolling action platform game that expanded on the original formula of the Atari 2600 games.  The levels were made bigger and longer, enemies are more varied and Super Pitfall is more engaging in general on the Nintendo NES.

Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition is still the classic game, just now the graphics and music have been improved beyond what was formerly though possible on the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System.  I mean, just look at the comparison shots below there.  That is an IMPROVEMENT and a half if I have ever seen one.


Not just gussied up graphics and music have found their way into Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition though.  Nope, the fans behind this hack have also added new menu screens, improved the game level design a bit by removing unnecessary warps and hidden items.  Hardcore fans of Super Pitfall will probably notice a bit of a performance improvement in this hack also.  There is also a fully automatic save feature included, at no extra charge.  Who wishes that some role playing games on the Nintendo Entertainment System included a seamless automatic save feature?  I know I do.

As usual, we here at Retro Gaming Magazine do not condone piracy and all of that jazz.  For those that want the patch head over to and grab it.  We cannot link to a site to get Super Pitfall as it is not freeware.  If you enjoy this hack, please remember to leave a comment on saying so, the developers will appreciate it.

Carl Williams

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One Response to “Fans Improve 8-Bit Nintendo Super Pitfall for 30th Anniversary, Visually New Game”

  1. Paulo Andrés says:

    It’s awesome what they did, you can call it a remake for sure, even if it’s still a NES rom. Very advanced hack, and I’ve seen just another one of that kind: Metroid Rogue Dawn (in final WIP stages).

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