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Kingdom Hearts Mixes Disney with Square Enix on Playstation 2 – Today in Retro Gaming – September 16th, 2002

Kingdom Hearts Playstation 2

When I first heard about Kingdom Hearts I was a little dismayed.  I was, still am, a big Disney fan but I was coming out of the whole “Square rocks” phase of my gaming life.  I was interested in seeing what they did with, what was basically, a blanket Disney license like this (it surely was not cheap).  I am VERY glad that I gave Kingdom Hearts a chance back then rather than going with probably a generic brawler I was looking at on the shelves of Best Buy.  This was a classic example of how companies should mix their talents- Kingdom Hearts was, and still is, awesome.  The mix of Square and Disney characters was done quite well.

While not perfect, that camera UGH! Kingdom Hearts was still iconic and well representative of the source material.  There was never a Disney game like this before and other than remakes and updates, there has really not been another on this level since.  Sure, the camera was more trouble than it was worth at times but when you are playing this game for the first time, experiencing the awesome Disney characters and realizing that you are in THEIR world it is easy to overlook.

Accompanying you on your quest in Kingdom Hearts is Goofy and Donald Duck assisted throughout by just about every Disney character you can think of, and a few key Square people.  It was just so much fun to play, at least till you get to a level where the jumpy camera causes you more trouble than you thought possible.

3D action platform games were still relatively new when Kingdom Hearts was released but Square Enix (then just Square) payed attention.  There is a lock on for enemies, collectibles, for the most part, are drawn to you via a hand magnet and the game world is carefully crafted to hide fog, breaks and shearing problems.

If you don’t have a copy of Kingdom Hearts in your collection, for shame as Square Enix has done more than their share to keep it available.  Anyhow, if you are unfortunate, head over to Ebay and correct it.


Carl Williams

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