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Kickstarter Pushing Spryo Inspired Griff the Winged Lion

Earlier this month we saw the original Spyro the Dragon turn 21 on the Sony Playstation.  Interesting how the universe works with these things as we were just contacted by a big fan of Spyro.  Jake Pawloski, and his development company – Breakerbox Studios, are such a big fans of Insomniac’s little dragon that he has created a game in the same style.  Jake hasn’t stopped there though, he has just upped the ante with Griff the Winged Lion by offering more cool stuff than we could have asked for.

Griff the Winged Lion tells the tale of Griff, the prince of Briarsage, who is attending a magical ceremony.  You see, once a generation the wise dragon mage gives the leaders of the kingdom important roles to carry.  Unfortunately for Griff, when it is time for him to receive his lifelong role, the wise dragon is unable to bestow it upon him. This leaves Griff to find out his destiny without the help of the dragon that has been there for generations past.  That means, what you think it means- not good.

What Griff the Winged Lion is is a 3D action adventure that has a striking resemblance to Spyro the Dragon on the Sony Plyastation (nostalgia article here).  This is amazingly good company to have as the Spyro series are remembered as great titles (at least the Sony PSOne games).  Griff the Winged Lion keeps that heritage alive and well but leaves behind many of the problems of the 32-Bit and 64-Bit era’s.

Breakerbox Studios has included giving gamers their choice of resolution to play at- from Playstation One quality up to 1920×1080 plus your choice of console style graphics to play at.  What? Yeah, that caught me off guard too when watching the video.  You can pick from PSOne graphics (blocky) or Nintendo 64 style (better than PSOne but still some graphical “blur” and finally Sega Dreamcast quality – the best looking of the bunch.

Couple all of that with 60 frames per second video and 360 controller support and you get one heck of a homage to 3D action adventures of days gone by.  If you want to see more of Griff the Winged Lion, and show some support, head over to Kickstarter.  Want more like this?  Support those giving them to us.

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “Kickstarter Pushing Spryo Inspired Griff the Winged Lion”

  1. thor says:

    WOW. I want play it in my PSone console!!! Will they convert this game even for the original Playstation 1 hardware? It looks amazing. Spyro for PSone had better graphics but this visuals rocks too.

    • I would love to see this ported to the original Playstation One console but I doubt that is within the capabilities of the team. I am sure costs would be a major concern too, and since modded PSOne’s are still a rarity, it would not deliver enough sales to turn a profit.

      There is the PSOne filter though.

  2. thor says:

    Modded Psone is a rarity? I dont think so. There are over 100milion PS1 consoles and many of them is equiped by chip because in late 90s was boom of piracy. PS1 games are also playable on PS2 and some PS3 consoles + emulators. On the other side the problem would be in team capabilities and money,as you said. But if someday this happen then it will be absolutely amazing,i am waiting for new games for many years:-)

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