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Warcraft Adventures Removed By Blizzard

Earlier this week I reported that a Russian fan was able to collect everything needed for Warcraft Adventures and released it.  This was an unreleased point and click adventure title by Blizzard, planned for release about 18 years ago.  Warcraft Adventures was cancelled and that was thought to be the end of it.  That is until recently when it was posted on the Internet, complete (as far as we know) and freely available.  That is until Blizzard got wind of it and ordered the download links removed.

Yep, you read that right, Blizzard has pulled a Nintendo and ordered Warcraft Adventures to be removed from the Internet.  Well, as much as they can anyhow.  There are untold numbers of fans that were able to grab it while it was available and are probably seeding it out to more fans.  That is the thing with these releases, while the company may not want it available, once it is it is probably going to be forever.

As mentioned already, the team behind at least the animation clips of Warcraft Adventures was the same company behind the CD-i Zelda games.  That is why they look similar to each other.  Still, Warcraft Adventures was obviously an improvement over the animation quality of their earlier work- course it helps that Windows PC’s are much more powerful than Phillips old console.

While we don’t condone this type of behavior by fans, it is rather interesting how many companies are against cancelled games like this being released for free.  It is not like those companies were planning on releasing these games so why not just let them be free?  I understand business and I understand protecting IP’s, there are countless options to release things freely to the world and still retain copyright and trademarks.

What are your thoughts on companies throwing their weight around like this with fans?

Source: Scrolls of Lore Forums


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