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Fan Collects Warcraft Adventures and Releases it, C&D Probably Coming

It is not often that we find out about an unreleased game getting released by fans.  While recently we have seen companies like Nintendo shutting down fan projects, it is going to be interesting to see how Blizzard reacts to this latest release.  You see, a fan in Russia has somehow managed to collect the parts of one of Blizzards most wanted unreleased games.  This fan has also done something probably highly illegal- he has released Warcraft Adventures to the world.

What is interesting about Warcraft Adventures is that it was created by the same team that did the CD-i Zelda games.  Yep, the team behind those games did this point and click adventure that is set in the Warcraft world.  You heard that right, Warcraft Adventures is a point and click game similar to Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.

The initial game was canceled prior to release and has left fans wanting to know why.  While we don’t know why the game was canceled we do know that there is a leaked version available now.  It clocks in at about 560+ megs so set aside a minute if you have a slower connection to the Internet.

What you will get for your time is an unreleased, probably illegal point and click adventure from one of the more prominent PC game developers/publishers.  I say possibly illegal because Blizzard never signed off on this game being released and it is not exactly clear how the fan got it.  We are not sure if he got it off a dev kit, a former employee or what so proceed with caution here friends.

We do not condone piracy here at Retro Gaming Magazine but we do have to say it is cool to see something like Warcraft Adventures get released.  We just hope Blizzard is cool with it.

Source: Scrolls of Lore forums

UPDATE: Cease and Desist letter delivered read more here on Retro Gaming Magazine.

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